About The Author

Gabriele Levy (Buenos Aires, 1958) currently lives and works in Turin. Gabriele has lived in both Italy and Israel.

During his eclectic artist journey, Levy has focused on the hidden meanings of the letters of the Hebrew alphabet.  Levy, in turn, decided to incorporate “hidden” parts of his artwork. He creates “hidden art” on the back of all of his artwork. Levy encourages the viewer careful to try to raise and turn the work. While he does this, time passes. And so the sculpture – three-dimensional by definition – is added to the fourth dimension – the time that passes while turning the work.

Some of Levy’s pieces have an additional hidden element: phosphorescence. These glow-in-the dark pieces are inspired by Levy’s years living in Jerusalem. He was frightened the constant explosions on the buses, and he decided to use phosphorescent paints on maps and photo collages. The phosphorescence is a symbol of everlasting Judaism.

Levy has produced more than three thousand Hebrew letters in plaster or silicone molds, making shapes and objects and using recycled materials, resins, phosphorus, bricks and microprocessors. Levy has also produced a period of the photo collages that tell the story of the Jewish people, or the first attempts of hidden art and double art, from which the work of art is born, seen as a dynamic object with which the viewer can interact spatially and temporally.

Levy later became fascinated with creating modular art, and created pieces with hooks in the middle, onto which you can hang objects, colored tiles, or other works of Levy’s. Levy encourages you to choose your own couplings and create your own joint meaning.

Levy’s works are exhibited in public and private collections, in Italy, Argentina, Denmark, Spain, the United States, Switzerland and Israel. Levy’s main gallery is in the Jewish quarter of Rome.