Kabbalistic rings

The first sentence of the Torah is "In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth" (Genesis 1:1). In hebrew you say "Bereshit barà Elohim et hashamaim veet haaretz".
Afterwards "In the beginning God created", Bereshit barà Elohim, and before the word "heaven", 
hashamaimthere is the word  et, the hebrew indication for the accusative.
The word et is composed of the letters alef and tav, which are the first and the last letters of the alphabet; they can be understood to encompass the whole alphabet.
The wise says: God created the hebrew alphabet first and then He used it to create heaven and earth.

An alphabet, every alphabet, represents the whole.
This is the driving force behind my work, expressed by the forming of the letters in clay, hand moulding and hardening by hot air.