ALEFBET - Hebrew letters made by Gabriele Levy
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Hidden art

I name "hidden art" the part of an object which you cannot see until you rotate the object or rotate around it.
Each artwork has its hidden side. Here you can the hidden side of the original Monalisa masterpiece:



My sculptures has a visible side and a hidden side, as those two pictures show:

When the viewer takes into his hands the sculpture and rotate it, then he add two events on the experience:
1. A tactile/weight/texture sensation. 
2. The rotation needs some TIME to be done. I added a dimension: my sculptures have 3 dimensions of space, plus the dimension of time needed to rotate the object.
 The hidden side of my sculpture

Below you'll find the gallery of pictures of my hidden art sculptures:


A short biography
A short biography
The control center



 Sky of Greece

Middle East is in deep shit 


 The turkish dictator

 An engineer's nighmare

 Mark Zukerberg is looking at you


 Amore mio

 Neo dadaism garden of roses. 


The future of mankind.



Iran 2020


Hidden Christmas

A tribute to Jasper Johns


Biden's troyan horse


Animals farm in Siberia


Portrait of Bill Gates

 You can see hundreds of hidden art works here, or learn something about modular art here.