ALEFBET - Hebrew letters made by Gabriele Levy
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HET as Hanukah.
Gabriele LEVY

HET as Hanukah.

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Cm 24 x 24 x 5
Plaster, water, metallic leaf, glue
Hand made and signed by the italian jewish sculptor Gabriele Levy
Chet is the eighth letter of the hebrew alphabet.
Pronounciation: guttural H
Example: challah, the shabbat bread.
In gematria, chet represents the number eight.
The letter chet represents trascendence, divine grace and life.

Some letters are very similar to each other in their pronunciation and, under certain conditions, can be interchanged. That is the case of chet and he, both belonging to the same group of guttural numbers.

At Passover, it is mandatory to eat matzah, azyme, and it is forbidden to eat hametz, leavened product.
All the letters in matzah and hametz are identical, except for chet and he.
The difference between the letters of the two words is a tiny space on the left leg, the same space that marks the difference between a chet from a he. The minuscole difference indicates that lack of precision in preparing and cooking the matzah turns it into hametz. (source: Alshich)

In chat rooms, online forums, and social networking the letter chet repeated denotes laughter, just as in english, in the saying 'haha'.

The letter shape ultimately goes back to a hieroglyph for "courtyard", named hasir in the bronze age alphabets. The hebrew word for courtyard is hatzer.