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TET silver engagement ring

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Hand made by Gabriele Levy in sterling silver mechanically polished to reveal classic beauty and slight texture. 

The ring is an exact miniature of the big home decor wall letters.

Available in various sizes

Tet is the ninth letter of the hebrew alphabet.
Pronounciation: T
Example: tal, dew.
In gematria, tet represents the number nine.
The letter tet represents goodness.

The first tet to appear in the Torah is in the word tov, good. (Genesis 1:12).

During the six-day creation, after completing a day's work God declared a judgement upon it: "God saw it was good" (Genesis 1:12).

The first two Tables of Stones (Exodus 20:2-14) are a different version from the second one (Deutoronomy 5:6-18).
In the first version all the letters of the alphabet appear, except for tet.
In the second version tet appears in the fifth commandament ulemaan ytav lecha, and you shall have goodness.
The wise explain: God knew that Moses would break the first Tables. If they have contained the letter tet, which represent goodness, that would have meant that all the good of the earth would have been broken. To spare men from this concern, God took the first tet from the first version. (source: Baba Kamma 55a)

In gematria, the number 15 is written with tet and vav, (9+6) to avoid the normal construction yod and he (10+5) which spells a name of God.
Similarly, 16 is written with tet and zayn (9+7) instead of yod and vav (10+6) to avoid spelling part of the Tetragrammaton.