ALEFBET - Hebrew letters made by Gabriele Levy
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Gabriele LEVY

ZAYN, weapon

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Cm 22 x 23 x 5
Plaster, water, toys
Hand made and signed by the italian jewish sculptor Gabriele Levy
Zayin is the seventh letter of the hebrew alphabet.
Pronounciation: soft Z
Example: zman, time.
In gematria, zayin is seven.
The letter zayin represents spirit, sustenance, struggle

The name zan means aliment, while zayin means weapon. But this is not coincidental. The shape of the letter zayin remembers a dagger, as if to say that men obtain their aliments through a metaphorical daily struggle.
Rabbi Hirsh also notes that lehem, bread, is related to milchama, war.

Zayin is one of several hebrew letters that have an additional meaning as a noun.
The others are:
Bet, whose name means 'house';
Dalet, whose name means 'door';
Vav, whose name means 'hook';
Yod, whose name means 'hand';
Kaf, whose name means 'palm [of the hand]' or 'spoon';
Ayn, whose name means 'eye';
Pe, whose name means 'mouth';
Qof, whose name means 'monkey' but also 'niddle eye';
Shin, whose name means 'tooth';
Tav, whose name means 'mark',
and several other hebrew letters are ancient hebrew forms of nouns still used, with a slight change of form or pronunciation.

In biblical hebrew, zayin means "sword", and the verb lezayen means "to arm".
In modern hebrew slang, zayin means "penis" and lezayen is a vulgar term which generally means to perform sexual intercourse (similar to "fuck").