ALEFBET - Hebrew letters made by Gabriele Levy
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Gabriele LEVY

GIMEL as Gaudi

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Cm 22 x 24 x 5
Plaster, water, pigments, small glass pieces

Hand made and signed by the italian jewish sculptor Gabriele Levy
Gimel is the third letter of the hebrew alphabet.
Pronounciation: G or J
Example: gamal, camel.
In gematria, gimel represents the number three.
The letter gimel represents beneficence and zenith.

Bertrand Russell posits that the letter's form is a conventionalized image of a camel.
The letter may be the shape of the walking animal's head, neck, and forelegs.

It is written like a vav with a yod as a "foot", and it resembles a person in motion; symbolically, a rich man running after a poor man to give him charity, as in the hebrew alphabet gimel directly precedes dalet, which signifies a poor or lowly man, from the hebrew dal,poor.

The letter gimel is related to gmool, which means 'justified repayment', or the giving of reward and punishment.

A man reaches the peak by imitating God's ways. This is shown by the fact that the bet and the gimel are next to each other.
The midrash asks:"Why does bet face gimel and why does gimel turn its back to bet? Because bet represents bait, home, open to everybody.
The gimel represents the gever, man, who sees a person in need at the door and turns him to offer food (source: Otiot Rabbi Akiva).