ALEFBET - Hebrew letters made by Gabriele Levy
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Gabriele LEVY

QOF silver engagement ring

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Made in sterling silver mechanically polished to reveal classic beauty and slight texture. 

The ring is a precise miniature of the big home decor wall letters, made by the same sculptor Levy.

Available in various sizes. In order to know your size, please refer to the International Standard for ring sizes.


Qof is the nineteenth letter of the hebrew alphabet.
Pronunciation: K, Q or CK
Example: qof, monkey.
In gematria, qof has the numerical value of 100.
The letter qof represents sanctity and the cycle of growth.

The origin of the glyph shape of qof is uncertain. It is usually suggested to have originally depicted either a sewing needle, specifically the eye of a needle (the hebrew qof means also "needle's eye"), or the back of a head and neck (qaf in arabic meant "nape").

According to an older suggestion, it may also have been a picture of a monkey and its tail.

The Oxford Hebrew-English Dictionary transliterates the letter qof a transliteration as q or k; and, when word-final, it may be transliterated as ck.

Sarah is described in Genesis Rabba as, literally "At qof years of age, she was like kaf years of age in sin", meaning that when she was 100 years old, she was as sinless as when she was 20.

Tha value of qof is 100, the same value of maqom, place - presence, one of the Divine Names.

The revealed letter, qof, consists of a kaf and a vav, two letters having a gematria of 26, the same of the Tetragrammaton. The value of the hidden part, vav and pe, is 86, the value of the Holy Name Elohim, God. (source: Magen David)

Qof in hebrew means monkey, a creature which resembles a human but is purely animalistic, with none of the higher capacities of a human. This indicates the requirement for a human to overcome his purely animalistic nature and to emulate the image of the Creator he is made in, to realize his true spiritual nature beyond just the physical. The qof is the only letter which extends below the line of the other letters, indicating descent into the lower world, but also the ability to ascend from there.